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past series

Each series, we select a theme and then screen films that fit the theme. Think of it as an extended conversation, with each film adding a new voice. Quirky, controversial, heart-wrenching, or hilarious, our goal is to entertain and educate. And you canít beat the price. Admission is free!

2003 Fall Film Series
Theme: Contemporary Japanese Cinema
There's more to see in Japanese Cinema than Akira Kurosawa! From lost souls and hapless sumo wrestlers to rocked out samurais and stressed out families, these four films testify to the breadth and quality of films from the land of the rising sun.

After Life
Recently departed souls find themselves in a spiritual processing office. The main function of the office is to help each soul find the one memory they will take with them into the afterlife. Once selected, each person makes a film of their memory.

1998  118 minutes Rated: PG
Director: Hirokazu Koreeda

Samurai Fiction

An affectionate parody of the classic samurai films with Pulp Fiction sensibilities. The movie follows the pursuit of a feudal lord's prized sword and the subsequent battles it triggers.
1998   111 minutes  Rated: R 
Director: Hiroyuki Nakano
Sumo Do, Sumo Don't
In order to graduate, a student must join the sumo team his professor coaches.  This unlikely quintet of misfits and slackers must win a local tournament or the team will be forced to disband.
1992  105 min.  Rated: PG
Director: Masayuki Suo
Traffic Jam
A young Tokyo couple sets out to take their children to visit grandparents who live in a very remote village. The journey is filled with disastrous incidents and delays. A meditation on the gap between young urban families and their ancestral roots.

1991  108 minutes    Rated: G
Director: Mitsuo Kurotsuchi