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Each series, we select a theme and then screen films that fit the theme. Think of it as an extended conversation, with each film adding a new voice. Quirky, controversial, heart-wrenching, or hilarious, our goal is to entertain and educate. And you canít beat the price. Admission is free!

2005 Spring Film Series
Theme: Hooray for Bollywood!
Bollywood movies always bring a smile to my face. They are films that cannot be described; they must be experienced! This series serves as an introduction to Indian cinema from its roots to contemporary films.

Teesri Manzil (The Third Floor)
This film does justice to the entire genre of wacky 60's go-go films. Sunita is the captain of the hockey team. She is also determined to avenge the death of her sister, who had apparently committed suicide when she was rejected by her lover Rocky, a drummer in the hotel's jazz band. Rocky meets her and, wise to her intentions, disguises his identity.

1966  172 minutes Rated: N/A  Director: V
ijay Anand


A runaway blockbuster when it was released in 1975, and patterned after spaghetti westerns, this film was described as a curry western. The story follows two small time crooks who are recruited by a former police officer to fight a gangster who has killed his family.
1975   162 minutes  Rated: N/A  Director: Ramesh Sippy
Gol Maal (Hanky Panky)
Ram Prasad is a graduate who finds a job with a finicky man who believes that a man without a mustache is a man without a character. He is also against any of his employees indulging in recreation of any kind. When Ram is caught by his boss at a cricket match, he has to invent a twin brother, the clean-shaven Laxman, to save his job. When the boss'  daughter falls in love with Laxman and insists on marrying him, things take a wacky turn.
1979  175 min.  Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Sanju, a con artist, must come up with money to save an orphan. With the help of his friend, he comes across a perfect family. The widowed father is concerned about his beautiful, but plain daughter, Shivani. In the hopes of gaining the required cash, Sanju and his friends make Shivani transform from a simple girl to a image of beauty so that she might catch a husband.

1999  153 minutes    Director:  Sanjay Chel
Asoka tells the heavily fictionalized but nonetheless compelling story of India's greatest emperor. In the third century B.C., the Mauryan king Asoka built a vast empire by means of ruthless conquest; but after the great Kalinga war he became sickened by the terrible slaughter he had caused, converted to Buddhism and dedicated the rest of his life to spreading peace and prosperity.
2001   169 min.  Director: Santosh Sivan
Koi Mil Gaya
The first science fiction film in the Hindi language. It tells the story of Rohit, a young boy who was born mentally challenged and is the son of a scientist who died when his son was very young. Rohit finds a machine that his father built which was designed to communicate with intelligent life in outer space. When unexplainable events start happening around town, people begin to wonder if Rohit could have made contact?

1982  114 minutes   Director:  Rakesh Roshan